Laserlab Umeå (LLUm)

Address: Department of Physics, Umea University, Linnaeus vag 24, SE-90187 Umeå, Sweden
Contact: Laszlo Veisz


The Laserlab Umea (LLUm) was established at Umea University, as a collection of laboratories using lasers for their research. One of them is the Relativistic Attosecond Physics Laboratory (REAL), a newly established lab for the generation, characterization and application of various intense isolated attosecond pulses including electrons and light pulses. Other laboratories, the Axner laboratory, the Optical frequency comb spectroscopy group (Aleksandra Foltynowicz-Matyba), the Applied laser spectroscopy group (Florian Schmidt), Ultrafast nanophotonics and advanced functional materials group (Nicolò Maccaferri) and the Biophysics and biophotonics group (Magnus Andersson) utilize lasers for development of a variety of applications, predominantly development of detection techniques for analytical laser spectroscopy, including trace and ultra-trace gas detection, high-precision molecular spectroscopy, optical frequency comb spectroscopy, combustion diagnostics, breath gas analysis, refractometry, nanophotonics, and biological physics.