Swedish Network of Laser Research Infrastructures

Laserlab Sweden

What is Laserlab Sweden?

Laserlab Sweden is a Swedish network of Laser Research Infrastructures with the mission and objectives to:
  1. Promote the efficient use of existing laser research infrastructures in Sweden for science and innovation, and to co-ordinate their future development
  2. Serve a cross-disciplinary user community, from academia, research institutes, medical centres, as well as industry, by providing access, in a co-ordinated way, to a comprehensive set of existing advanced laser research facilities, hence allowing leading-edge, ground-breaking, and technically demanding experiments, of world class, to be performed in Sweden.
  3. Provide technical and scientific support to users in the usage of the laser facilities and auxiliary equipment, thereby allowing new users to fully exploit the capabilities available through the network.
  4. Improve human and technical resources through technology exchange and sharing of expertise among laser experts and operators at the different facilities.
  5. Pursue networking activities to optimise and increase the breadth of the overall instrumentation park by stimulating complementarity while reducing the risk of expensive duplications in, for example, laser upgrade efforts.