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Open call for proposals from external Users

Laserlab Sweden offers unique research opportunities to scientists from all over Sweden and to a certain extent also to scientists from outside Sweden. Access is typically provided, free of charge, in the form of joint research projects, where local scientist participate in the research and stay responsible for the qualified operation of the laser systems and auxiliary equipment, but where the applicant provides the scientific idea. The results of access-based research projects are normally published jointly by the externa visitors and the local scientists participating in the experiment. Access is provided on the basis of scientific excellence of the proposal.

Applicants are encouraged to contact directly any of the facilities participating in Laserlab Sweden to obtain additional information about the facilities, to discuss the feasibility of the proposed research and to obtain assistance in preparing a proposal. Applications for access are possible at any time of the year. We welcome both young scientists entering the field of laser-based research and experienced scientists in need of very specialized equipment or laser specifications. Laserlab Sweden strives to promote gender equality in scientific research and specifically encourages applications from women.