Relativistic Attosecond Physics Laboratory (REAL) @ LLUm

Laser type: OPS (optical parametric synthesizer) / OPCPA
Parameter summary: 10 Hz, 580-1020 nm, 450-500 mJ, ≤4.5 fs, 100 TW


Light Wave Synthesizer 100 is a novel sub-2-optical-cycle light source to drive attosecond and laser-plasma physics. Supported by beamlines for XUV attosecond pump-probe / nonlinear attosecond experiments with isolated pulses as well as laser-driven electron acceleration.


Key experimental stations

Attosecond beamline

AS out 2jpg

  • Type of experiment: Gas-phase spectroscopy
  • Description: Based on high-order harmonic generation (HHG) in a long focusing regime for the generation of intense isolated XUV attosecond pulses.
  • Beam parameters: 10 Hz, 60-120 eV photon energy, 100 as, 25-40 nJ
  • Auxiliary equipment: VUV and XUV photon spectrometers, X-ray CCD camera, XUV energy diode. Pump-probe setup for experiments at 100 eV. Ion microscope for 2D spatial ion distribution measurement.
  • Contact person: Laszlo Veisz

Electron acceleration beamline


  • Type of experiment: Laser wakefield acceleration and solid plasma experiments
  • Description: Based on laser-wakefield acceleration in Helium or electron acceleration from solids
  • Beam parameters: 5-20 MeV elctron beams, 10 Hz, few fs, 1pC (gas) 100 pC (solid)
  • Auxiliary equipment: Dipole electron spectrometer, electron spatial distribution and electron charge detectors.
  • Contact person: Laszlo Veisz