Westenhoff lab @ LLG

Laser system

Laser type: Ti:Sa CPA
Parameter summary: 5 kHz, 800 nm, 100 fs, 1 mJ

 8 kHz laser Westenhoffjpg

Laser system used for time-resolved 1D and 2D infrared spectroscopy. TOPAS-Twins with two NDFG stages to produce midIR beams. Can be synchronized to tunable ns pump laser

Experimental station

Transient 1DIR&2DIR

  • Type of experiment: typically liquid phase, home-built sample cells with CaF2 windows available
  • Description: 1DIR and 2DIR spectroscopy on femto- to picosecond timescales (using fs-pump), and nano- to millisecond timescales (using ns-pump)
  • Beam parameters: fs-pump (Vis > 580 nm): 2.5 kHz, ca. 1 uJ; ns pump (UV/Vis): 30 Hz, < 1 mJ; fs-2D-pump: 5 kHz, ca. 4000-6500 nm, ca. 1 uJ; fs-probe: 5 kHz, ca. 2000-8000 nm
  • Auxiliary equipment: Ge-based midIR pulse shaper (Phasetech), 2*64 Pixel MCT Array for single-shot referencing with data streaming, Optical chopper and delay lines (25 and 50 cm), dry-box for entire setup (rel. Humiditiy <2-5%)
  • Contact person: Sebastian Westenhoff