Gothenburgh Photon Factory @ LLG

Key laser systems

Spectra Physics ns system

Laser type: YAG-pumped OPO
Parameter summary: 6ns, 10 Hz, 220-2000 nm

 1 YAG pumped OPOjpg

Master Oscillator (MOPO) system pumped by trippled output from YAG laser. Equipped with frequency doubly option for prduction of light in the UV region.

Laservision ns system

Laser type: YAG-pumped OPO
Parameter summary: 6ns, 10 Hz, 1350-5000 nm

 2 Laservision ns systemjpg

OPO system pumped by injection seeding of the fundamental output from an Nd:YAG laser. Produces laser light in the IR spectral region.

Clark fs system

Laser type: YAG-pumped amplied fs system
Parameter summary: 30 fs, 1 kHz, 470-1600 nm

 3 Clark fs systemjpg

Amplified fs system equipped with a OPO system (NOPA)

Ti:Sapphire laser

Laser type: YAG-pumped Ti:Sapphire
Parameter summary: 100 ns, 7 kHz, 700-900nm + 350-450 nm

 4 TiSajpg

Homebuilt narrow bandwidth Ti:Sapphire laser

Sirah dye laser

Laser type: YAG-pumped dye laser
Parameter summary: 6 ns, 10 Hz, 300-900 nm

 5 Sirah dye lsaerjpg

Narrow bandwidth dye laser system

Sirah DFG/OPA-system

Laser type: YAG-pumped DFG/OPA system
Parameter summary: 2600-3600 nm och 5500-7100 nm

 6 DFG OPA systemjpg

Difference Frequency Generation/Optical Parameteric Amplifier system for generation of light in the mid infrared wavelength region.

Laser Quantum GHz reprate laser

Laser type:
Parameter summary: 30fs, 1 GHz, 800 nm

 7 GHz laserjpg

Very high reprate (1 GHz) laser

Key experimental stations

GUNILLA (Gothenburg Univeristy Negative Ion Laser Laboratory)

  • Type of experiment: Interaction of laser light with negative ions in beams
  • Description: Ion beam appartus used for photdetachment studies of negative ions.
  • Beam parameters: Depending on the laser system
  • Auxiliary equipment: Laser-ion beam interaction regions equipped with netural atom detectors, A Rydberg atom detecor and and a Photodetachment Electron Angular Resolved Linear Spectrometer (PEARLS)
  • Contact person: Dag Hanstorp