Pump-and-probe Ti:Sapphire laser system @ LLU

Laser type: Ti:Sapphire laser
Parameter summary: Spectral range: tunable around 260 nm, 390 nm, 500-600 nm, 780 nm, 1-1.5 um, 2.5-3 um. Pulse duration down to 20 fs at 790 nm and around 40 fs depending on the wavelenght. Pulse energy: 0.1-15 nJ/pulse.


Pump-probe setup: probe is the output of the Ti:sapphire laser frequency doubled and trippled via SFG in BBO; pump is the fundamental output of the Ti:Sapphire laser or an output of the OPO.

Key experimental stations

Surface Science Station

  • Type of experiment: Time-resolved two-photon photoemission spectroscopy
  • Description: Based on SFG ans SHG in BBO for the generation of third and forth harmonics and OPO for IR generation
  • Beam parameters: 100 Hz-80 MHz, 0.5-5 eV, 20-40fs, 0.1-15 nJ/pulse
  • Auxiliary equipment: LEED/Auger spectroscopy, 6 sources for epitaxial growth of semiconductors, QCMB, alkali metal sources (K, Na, Cs), UHV gas dosers, sputter gun, RGA, sample manipulator temp from 4K up to 1800 K, pressure down to 1e-10 mBar
  • Contact person: Piotr Matyba